Creating your own sensory perception supports to help with school and sleep

If you have a child with sensory perception issues, you'll know how much difference it can make to have extra sensory supports during stressful times. As many sensory perception tools are expensive, it can be useful to learn how to modify your current possessions with craft supplies to create your own supports. Here are some ideas to create sensory supports with common craft supplies.


Many children with sensory perception issues need to play with something to self soothe at bedtime. Depending on your child's preferences, you can add squares of felt and/or smooth satin which can be played with by the child (and if you are not an enthusiastic sewer you can purchase iron on adhesive panels that can be easily used to attach the felt or satin squares). Ribbons can be sewn on to the corners of the quilt in a way that allows them to be sucked on and played with at bedtime.

Fiddle bracelets

For children who are inclined to fidget at school, a bracelet that allows them to slide beads back and forward can be a useful and subtle tool to encourage focus. You can head to a craft store and find alphabet letters to create a positive message from you to your child, which they can carry with them throughout the day. Be sure to leave enough space on the chain for the beads to be slid back and forward.

You can also find a chunky plastic zipper in a suitable length and connect the ends to create a permanent zipper that can be done and undone. This can be great for kids who like repetitive actions and the noise can also be comforting, whilst not annoying for nearby students.

Weighted clothing hems

If your child needs to wear a fixed uniform but finds the texture disconcerting, you can try weighting the hems with the small weights are use in hanging curtains. This provides a secure sensation against the skin and can help to make the uniform more comfortable. You can also look at lining the uniforms, particularly at the seams, to provide a more comfortable sensation against the skin. This can help your child fit in better at school.

With some simple craft supplies, you can ensure your child can get a good night of sleep and focus well at school. Craft supplies are an affordable way to experiment with creating supports that are effective for your child.