Creating your own sensory perception supports to help with school and sleep

If you have a child with sensory perception issues, you'll know how much difference it can make to have extra sensory supports during stressful times. As many sensory perception tools are expensive, it can be useful to learn how to modify your current possessions with craft supplies to create your own supports. Here are some ideas to create sensory supports with common craft supplies. Quilting Many children with sensory perception issues need to play with something to self soothe at bedtime. Read More 

Choosing a safe soft toy for your new grandchild

A new baby is an exciting event in any family, particularly for parents and grandparents. While you might be eager to hand on some of toys that your children enjoyed as children, it's important to remember that safety standards have for toys changed and you might need to readjust your focus to get a safe toy: Chewable friendly When looking for a baby for newborns, be sure to check the recommended age on the tag. Read More