Two Common Errors Crafters Make When Purchasing Wholesale Wooden Toys

Here are the two biggest errors crafters tend to make when purchasing wholesale wooden toys.

1. They don't make a plan for storing the wooden toys

Most crafters buy untreated wooden toys so that they can then add their own creative designs to them before selling or gifting them. Buying these wooden toys off a wholesale toy website is a very economical way to stock up on lots of toys at once. However, when purchasing untreated wooden toys from wholesalers, crafters will almost always have to order large quantities and it may take them a long time to finish painting, for example, one hundred toys.

The error that some crafters make is not making a plan for how they'll safely store their large supply of wooden toys until they've had a chance to paint them. This can be an issue as, like all untreated wooden items, wooden toys that have not yet been painted and varnished are vulnerable to damage from moisture; this includes not only direct contact with water from spillages or leaks but also humidity and steam. If a crafter buys lots of toys and intends to decorate them over the course of, for example, six months to a year, they must ensure that the undecorated ones are kept far away from any moisture sources throughout this time; if they don't, the toys could rot or get mouldy.

Whilst this is true of any untreated wooden objects, it's particularly important to note when the wooden items in question are toys that will eventually be handled regularly by children and must, therefore, be completely free of any rot or mould. The best way for crafters to protect their as-of-yet-undecorated wooden toys is to keep them away from rooms like their bathroom or kitchen, where steam is regularly produced and to perhaps use a dehumidifier in the storage space where they keep them.

2. They don't invest in good-quality varnish when decorating the toys

The other error crafters make is not investing in good-quality varnish for their wooden toys. They may do this because they've stocked up on dozens upon dozens of toys from a wholesaler, need to buy a lot of varnish to decorate them all and so want to opt for cheap varnish to keep their craft project costs down.

However, high-quality varnish is a must for any wooden toys. This is because when children play with these toys, most of them won't handle the toys with great care; instead, they'll probably fling the wooden dolls around, drag any wooden trains or cars across every surface in their home and get these items covered in mud when playing with them in the garden. As such, if the toys aren't covered in a high-quality varnish, the varnish in question will chip very quickly and then the paint under it will start to deteriorate, too. As such, crafters need to use the best varnish their budget will allow them to.