Four Trends In Custom Picture Framing

Custom picture framing is a great way to preserve and protect your art, memorabilia, and other valuable pieces. It's also a great way to make something that's already beautiful even more stunning.

There are many types of custom framing styles available today, including shadow box frames, pre-made picture frames, and more. Here are four trends in custom picture framing:

1. Minimalist Frame Styles

Minimalist frames are simple, clean, and modern. They're often made of thin wood or metal in neutral colours like black or white, but can also be made from other materials like glass and acrylic. Minimalist frames don't have elaborate mouldings or decorations on the outside of the frame; instead, they focus on showcasing your artwork.

2. Shadow Box Framing

Shadow box frames are a popular choice because they allow you to show off your artwork while still protecting it. The front of the frame has a glass pane that lets you see inside, while the back is made of wood with an angled edge around the perimeter. Shadow box frames can be customised in many different styles and materials, including wood, glass, and metal.

3. Collage Frames And Layouts

A collage frame is one that contains multiple photos or images that have been arranged together using various techniques such as overlapping or collaging them together on top of each other in order to create a unique look for your photo display. This allows you to build up layers of meaning that can be interpreted differently by each viewer depending on their own personal experience and understanding of what they see before them in this type of frame layout design concept design.

4. Floating Frames

A floating frame is one that does not have a mat around it. It simply sits on top of the glass, giving your photo the appearance of being suspended in space. This type of frame design concept can be used for any size picture and works especially well with landscape photos or other shots where there are no obvious borders to fill up the empty space around them. This sort of custom picture framing is a great option for those who want to showcase their photos in a clean and simple way. 

Custom framing can be used to create a focal point or add character to an otherwise bland wall. It can also give you the opportunity to show off your favourite artwork in an elegant way that it deserves. Chat with a professional about your custom picture framing needs today.