Four Trends In Custom Picture Framing

Custom picture framing is a great way to preserve and protect your art, memorabilia, and other valuable pieces. It's also a great way to make something that's already beautiful even more stunning. There are many types of custom framing styles available today, including shadow box frames, pre-made picture frames, and more. Here are four trends in custom picture framing: 1. Minimalist Frame Styles Minimalist frames are simple, clean, and modern. They're often made of thin wood or metal in neutral colours like black or white, but can also be made from other materials like glass and acrylic. Read More 

Two Common Errors Crafters Make When Purchasing Wholesale Wooden Toys

Here are the two biggest errors crafters tend to make when purchasing wholesale wooden toys. 1. They don't make a plan for storing the wooden toys Most crafters buy untreated wooden toys so that they can then add their own creative designs to them before selling or gifting them. Buying these wooden toys off a wholesale toy website is a very economical way to stock up on lots of toys at once. Read More 

Handy Tips For Beginners When Buying Souvenir Magnets

Fridge magnets are a popular souvenir choice for many people because of brand recognition and advertising. Also, fridge magnets can be used to stick your to-do lists and crucial information on a fridge door. Therefore, souvenir magnets can come in handy when you need to stick such useful information on any metallic surface. Moreover, if you recently travelled to a new destination, such as Australia, buying a souvenir like a kangaroo magnet can serve as a reminder of the beautiful times you experienced. Read More 

Creating your own sensory perception supports to help with school and sleep

If you have a child with sensory perception issues, you'll know how much difference it can make to have extra sensory supports during stressful times. As many sensory perception tools are expensive, it can be useful to learn how to modify your current possessions with craft supplies to create your own supports. Here are some ideas to create sensory supports with common craft supplies. Quilting Many children with sensory perception issues need to play with something to self soothe at bedtime. Read More 

Choosing a safe soft toy for your new grandchild

A new baby is an exciting event in any family, particularly for parents and grandparents. While you might be eager to hand on some of toys that your children enjoyed as children, it's important to remember that safety standards have for toys changed and you might need to readjust your focus to get a safe toy: Chewable friendly When looking for a baby for newborns, be sure to check the recommended age on the tag. Read More